Denon DN-C640 Network CD Player

I just found this unit and it seems very interesting from the description on the Denon site. It has a slot DVD drive that can play several audio file formats stored on CDs and DVDs, but the most important thing is that it has an Ethernet port for connecting it to a PC being able to stream the audio files stored to a hard drive.

I'm sure that its DAC isn't that great, but having SPDIF and AES/EBU outputs it could be used with a good external DAC.

Check here the specs:

I'm wondering if anyone got the chance of trying this unit and what do you think about it...
If you're going to use it with an external DAC, what advantage does this player have over any other transport? Looking at the features, I'm not sure I understand what the benefit of this unit would be.

From the literature I understand that you can access audio files over a network from the front panel. So there is no need for you to play the audio files with a media player in the pc. This way you could play the audio files stored on an external network hard drive without the need to turn on the pc. I'm wondering if this direct access of the CD player to the audio files really bypasses everything Microsoft since the audio file is not played in the pc but just streamed by the CD player. When you play an audio file over the internet I'm guessing that the server on which is stored doesn't resample that file, only your pc, by playing it, if you have XP and don't bypass the kmixer with some ASIO drivers. The only difference here would be that your hard drive would be the server and the player would be the Denon CD player which i'm sure it doesn't have any kmixer to mess with the files.