Denon DL304 versus Denon DL-S1

Hi All,

Has anyone compared the Denon DL-304 versus Denon DL-S1?
Does the DL-S1 have more detail lower noise floor? Thanks
I have not done a comparision of the two but I have been using the Denon Dl-S1 for the last 6 years. I'm on my second DL-S1. It is Denon's top of the line cartridge.
I have been very happy with it. It sounds better than the Carnige I that I was using.
It is a very low output 0.15mV. I added Denon's step-up xfmr (AU-S1) last year and I'm happy with the results.
I feel it is an under rated cartridge. I have never read any reviews on it. It was recommended to me by an audio friend that went to Japan and heard it there.
Joe Nies
Just purchased a DL-S1. How long is the break in time for this MC? Before I received this cartridge, I was able to listen to a DL-304 with about 20 hours on it and found it to be more linear and faster compared to the DL-S1. Has anyone experienced the same results? Does the gold wire content of the DL-S1 make this MC a bit more romantic? Thanks