Denon DL103R with Shindo Monbrison

Does anybody know if the 103R's 14 ohm DCR is low enough for the Shindo's trannies or not? I have not tried a cart with resistance that high, more like <5 ohms, but would like to try this cheap "giant-killer" cart.
I have a denon 103r and the Monbrison. It is a combination that works, but it works much much better with the Auditorium 23 transformer. This combination does turn it into a giant killer.

A $400 cart + $1K trannies needs to be way better than $1500 carts that work well with the Shindo trannies to be "giant-killer"... I will stay away from the 103.

(FYI, I did get the same reply from Mr. Halpern.)
Paul -

It seems like you probably had your mind made up before you asked the question. Why ask unless you want several people to respond (which would occur over several days)?
Good luck in your search.
How exactly did you conclude that? Mr. Halpern mailed me offline after I'd posted the thread.

No offense, but your post wasn't worth the effort it took.
I concluded it by the fact that: (1) I was the only one that responded; (2) you only waited one day before coming to a conclusion without any other input by forum members (despite asking for comments) and (3) by being just a bit too definitive in your tone.
Have you seen Jules Coleman's comments? Have you heard the combination? Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and each person's good faith opinion should be respected. And yes, certainly Jonathan Halpern is a very good resource (I know him and I like him very much).
I am quite frankly confused why you feel the need to insult me with the the gratuitous comment "no offense, but your post wasn't worth the effort it took?" Would you like to comment further?
I asked a simple question, received an answer that indicated NO, this is NOT an ideal matching of cart to tranny, and so stated the (rather sensible, I think) decision that I wouldn't use the cart with the Shindo after all. I stated that I was not interested in purchasing external trannies. How that warranted a further response of "you must have had your mind made up before you asked the question" I just honestly do not understand - the conclusion drawn there doesn't fit the evidence of the discussion, even not considering the private reply I received.

Nevertheless, the second paragraph of my response was really not called for and, yes, a little rude, so I apologize. Internet pissing matches are a silly waste of everyone's time, so let's chalk this up to a simple misunderstanding and let it lie. Have a great evening.
I agree that the Shindo and the Denon 103R (w/o the A23) is only a mediocre combination, and while it "works" it is not great.
Have a great evening.
Paulfolbrecht, It seems that Aronsss took time out to respond to a question seem pretty nice of him, cut him some slack. a thank you would not be out of line.Good luck
Dude, this is like so three weeks ago.

Thanks to you & Aronsss.
BTW,if the combo is not a good one in stock configuration, it is probable that a little soldering of a few resistors and maybe a v small cap will make the match work fine. SUTs, like all other transformers, do not have an intrinsic impedance; they reflect the input or output impedance of what they are hooked up to. So, you can probably make it work with a little technical expertise and some parts. You might want to read more on this subject on the Jensen Transformer website. They make available some very informative pdf's on transformer function, free of charge.
Since we are beating a dead horse thread..
You also forgot to add the price of the $600 Shindo interconnect from the stepup to the preamp.

$400 cart + $1k Transformer + $600 interconnect = $2100

That's a pretty nice cart!
Paul,like I said before.Just buy the 103 or 103r and try one.You can get exactly what you paid for them if you do not like either one.You can pick the 103 up from a guy on ebay in spain for 158.00.Mine arrived in a week.The 103r can be had for 229-259 out of Japan.There is a reason why almost all of the europeon and japanese custom turntable guy's use these.They sound really good.How many cartridges do you know with a following like the Denon's.You can also mod these very easily,nude,wood body.Even Soundsmith is selling modded and unmodded Denon's now.A guy named Uwe makes fantastic wood bodies for these.Takes the cartridge to another level for a 100.00 bucks.The Jensen and K+K transformer's would give you a real good taste of the denon's for under 300.00.Would not lose any money on these either.Give it a try you might get hooked.Have a Happy Holiday,KP
Beragamo, the problem is that if I buy one I will then HAVE to have the A23 SUTs - that's just me. And there goes another $1500 with the IC. :)

I bought a Koestu Black that came DAMAGED. Eventually I will get a replacement. Even though the Black sounded like crap, that magic mid came through, and I think it might be the last cart I ever want.
12-12-07: Paulfolbrecht
I bought a Koestu Black that came DAMAGED. Eventually I will get a replacement. Even though the Black sounded like crap, that magic mid came through, and I think it might be the last cart I ever want.
Art Dudley reviewed the Zu DL-103 in the Dec. '07 Stereophile, not long after he'd reviewed the Koetsu Black. In his Zu DL-103 review, he recommended the K&K Audio transformer ($275 kit or $335 assembled) as an "excellent choice." Compared to the Koetsu Black he says (in part):
...the Zu DL-103 bowed to no other cartridge in its great sense of impact without the slightest sense of strain.

What would you get by spending more money--say, $1600 for the Koetsu Black that I reviewed last July? In my system, the Black has lots of beautiful tone and texture, while sounding less colored, less pungent, than either version of the DL-103. But for all that, the Zu DL-103 in particular was capable of sounding bigger, and had a better, more impactful way with uptempo music. In that respect, the Zu was more stirring--more involving--than all but my Miyabi 47. Really.

In many instances, the Koesu Black ... had a prettier, even more realistic sound--a flute with a clearer timbral signature here, a more realistic guitar tone there--but for sheer fun, the Zu was usually the one I turned to.
At $2,100, that combo is certainly worth careful consideration but also worth considering is a $2,100 cart has a limited life whilst in the Denon/Step Up combo, most of your money is tied into the step up which will last a lifetime (in good care). Btw, I wouldn't opt for $600 interconnects. Grovers would do just fine or are those interconnects required? I suppose most carts can be retipped a few times, however.