Denon DL103D or DL103LCII

I've just come across a Denon DL103D and DL103LCII.
Just wondering if anyone had experience with these two models and how they compare.
Both in used condition. The DL103D being from the late 70's and the other around mid 1980's.
Cost of both are roughly the same at 10,000Yen. The condition is stated to be okay for both and are being sold at a reputable second-hand audio store in Tokyo.
I currently use an old Ortofon MC20MKII and was thinking to try these out as they are relatively cheap. I listen to a lot of jazz and classical music.

I have a Uesugi bros 5L SUT,
the specs of which are as follows (just in case anyone can accurate say whether it will be a match at least at this part of the chain) I think both Denon's here are low internal impedance as well compared to the usual 103's.

Uesugi bros 5L
First impedance: 3 ohm
Secondary impedance: 2 Kohm
Compared with pressure boost: 25.8 times
Secondary side proper load area: 30K-100K ohm
Frequency: 10-130000Hz (+1.0dB/-0.5dB)

Any ideas?
For what it worth, I have Denon DL-103M cartridge and it is very good with Fidelity Research FRT-3G transformer. I think that 103D is closer to it in terms of compliance.
DL-103D MC cartridge(First release in Nov. 1977)
• Output voltage: 0.25mV
• Frequency response: 20 Hz to 65 kHz
• Impedance: 40ohms
• Load resistance: more than 100 ohms
• Stylus shape: special ellipse needle
• Stylus pressure: 1.5 ± 0.2 g
• Compliance: 12 x 10-6 cm/dyne
• Net weight: 7.5g

Dl-103LCII(LC series First release in Oct 1985, limited edition)
• Output voltage: 0.25mV
• Frequency response: 20 Hz to 45 kHz
• Impedance: 13 ohms
• Load resistance and more than 100 ohms(resistor loading)
• Stylus shape: conical or round needle
• Stylus Pressure: 2.5 ± 0.3 g
• Compliance: 5 × 10-6 cm/dyne
• Net weight: 8.5g
LC II's specifications extremely similar to recent DL-103R and DL-103SA

Your SUT seem NOT to be the best match regarding Uesugi Bro's impedance loading(i.e. 3 ohm?). any decent SUT with 20-40 ohms transformer loading, in theory, should be the best in most systems.
What's TT/arm/phono amp and othe rigs?

Best regards
Thanks Dan,
My TT is vintage sony PSE-4000 with sony PUA-1500 arm.
Phono amp is Uesugi UTY-7 tube. Passive pre is Rotel RHC-10
amp Rotel RHB-05
You're right that I would probably need to get a different SUT for the denon's. Might be better off spending some money on another step as I still have a denon 304 and AT33PTG at home to get right.
I don't usually recommend someone to buy used items, especially carts. But for SUTs, it shouldn't have much problems with used ones or it's easier to identify them before purchase or fix if neccessary. There are lots of nice Denon SUTs available in the markets...

Is a SUT mandatory for the DL103LCII? If your phono preamp is set for MC carts that also has a 60DB gain will that be enough to get good sound from the DL103LCII.