Denon dl103 low volume from sa3000

Hello all,
I am running a denon dl103 cartridge through a counterpoint SA 3000 preamp. When I run the phono cables directly into the MC input on the sa3000, I need to turn the volume up to about 75% to reach satisfactory listening levels. Will this cause any problems? I have a home built SUT built with beyerdynamic trannies and with that I am at about 35-45 % on the volume for the same listening level. It just seems I have a more quiet background with the SUT out of the loop. Main question is will I cause any damage to the preamp running the volume up to 75-80%. The SUT was built correctly, ie solder joints and grounds are all correct. I just want some input on running the volume up to such a high level.
The skipper

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The biggest problem is leaving the volume control at 75% and forgetting that, then switching over to your cd player. You can kiss your tweeters goodbye. Don't ask me how I know that.

Also, don't assume your significant other will check the volume control either. Again, don't ask me how I know that.