Denon DL103 and SME IV arm

I'd like to correspond with someone who has used a 103 with an SME IV or V arm. I just happen to have both. I know there're lots of 'experts' who don't have any experience with this combination, and that's why I want to hear from somebody who actually used these together. Mine required the use of about 1/8" of spacers when mounting, which seemed like a good thing since vinylengine says I need a few grams of weight anyhow (added up to about 5g), and now I am 'tuning' for performance. So far I am impressed with tonal quality even next to my 901 ii cartridge on main setup, but my lps seem to have more surface noise.
I personally did not like the combo. Everything I read speaks to the Denon needing a very heavy arm, the newer SME arms are simply not made to work with these types of low compliance carts.
I had one on my SME309 for a short time. Same thing- the cartridge needs a higher mass tonearm. I bought a headshell weight from the UK that added mass and allowed me to raise my tonearm up. I was nearly rubbing the edge of the record before that. Overall, the cartridge tracked well once the compliance/mass was a better match and sounded pretty good. I eventually got a Benz and prefer that sound. The SME Arm and Benz cartridge are a great combo.
Thanks guys for the input. I thought very seriously about a micro or an Ace, but GC told me that Benz is Kaput as far as ordering is concerned. With the spacers and 5g weights on the front end, the 103R isn't too bad really for a 'den' system. I am now kicking myself for not keeping my Shelter 501ii when I upgraded to a 901ii, but never thought I'd be able to put a good table together with phono stage and cart for $1500 either. My last attempt with a MMF 5.1 and Goldring/Ort Red was quite unlistenable. At least for now I can stick with the old TNT and DL103R.