Denon DL-160 v. Grado Gold cartridge??

I have a nice mid/high end solid-state & digital system that I have acquired (due to cost) over a few years. I have recently re-discovered the thrill of vinyl. I was able to buy a new, unopened Denon DP-47f turntable from (best guess) the late '80s. A serviceman bought it in Japan, and never opened it. It was a model designed for the UK market, and came with a DL-80 mc cartridge. Vinyl is fantastic!! I was told by a very knowlegeable audiophile that I should probably change the cartridge, as cartridges lose some of their dynamics after 3 years, whether used or not. Don't know if this is true, but on the basis that it is I'm shopping for a low price cartridge with stellar performance. Shocker, huh? My research suggests that two of the best are the Denon DL-160mc and the Grado Premium Gold mm. Any thoughts on these or other similarly priced cartridges?
I recently bought a 160 as a temporary backup for a Grado Sonata which is at the next level above the Gold while I waited for the Grado's retip [it takes awhile]. I'm VERY impressed with it. It needs no step up unit as other moving coils require although most solid state preamps are designed to handle low output cartridges with a switchable option. The cost is only around $180 or less if you shop around on the web. Also many feel that the Denon 110 at an even lower price is just as good. Frankly there are no other options at those price levels with the obvious exception of the classic low output Denon 103 which is usually a bit more money and in my opinion requires a good step up device which will add to the overall cost.
Another option is the KAB Stanton 681EEE mk3..Sweet and very nice for the price...Around $150...........I have tried the Grado Gold, but like the Stanton 681 better...
In the similar price range of DL 160 the Ortofon 2M blue. I preferred it to over the denon. The denon midrange is fantastic but overall i found, in my system the 2M blue a better performer. Better lower end as well.As usual synargy dictates the choice.