Denon DL 160/DV 10x5, PrimaLuna PL2 Factory Stage

Hi, need some advice recommendations from cartridge gurus out there. I have a new toy, a PrimaLuna PL2 w/the factory phonostage and a Rega RB250 arm:

Freq. Response: 10Hz-50kHz
Distortion & Noise: -83dB
Input Impedance: 50k Ohms
Gain: 42dB
Suggested Minimum Cartridge Output: 2.0 mV
RIAA Accuracy: <0.5dB @ 20Hz-20kHz
Dimensions: 1.26" x 1.5"

Thinking of pairing this up with a Denon DL 160:

# Output: 1.6mV
# Stylus: .1 x .2mm special elliptical diamond
# Cantilever: aluminum
# Frequency range: 20-50,000Hz
# Compliance: 14x10-6cm/dyne
# Tracking force: 1.3-1.9g
# Weight: 4.8g

Is this a good choice? I'm worried that the 1.6mV is too low. Although I read somewhere it's actually near 2.2 mV. I like the fact (from what I read) how it's forgiving, detailed yet smooth.... and more importantly inexpensive.

Would the Dynavector 10X5 be a better choice?

Any other recommendations in this price range? Trying to keep costs down/simple system.

Do I need shims for the VTA? Can I just use washers? What kind?

Thanks in advance.
I am a dealer for Dynavector but don't have a 10x5, have used earlier generations. I do use a Denon 160, which is quite good. I paid about $100 on the internet for the Denon new so it represents much less of an expendature. I would buy one, very likely you will be happy with it. Take the savings and buy a VTA adjustment accessory from VPI , disclaimer, I am a VPI dealer,or Michell [ditto] or other company. The Michell is cheaper , I don't think it allows adjustment while playing , I think the VPI does but I have only a price on it , no lit.
Dear Elf73: IMHO I think that you can do better through MM cartridges like the Shure M97X, Sumiko Pearl or the Shelter.
From my point of view and everything the same a MM cartridge ( loaded at 100K ) performs a little better than a HOMC: the MM one is in its " natural " stage/home.

Regards and enjoy the music.
For me the logical move up from a Denon DL-160 was the Audio Technica AT150MLX. It's $250-260 from J&R Music World and LPGear respectively. Replacement stylus is as cheap as a DL160--$180 from LPGear. Its weight and compliance also work in the same range of arms as the DL-160's.

It has a tonal balance similar to the DL-160, but gives you more of everything--more detail, more body, more extension at both ends, 'way better tracking, a more sophisticated stylus shape, plus 6-nines single crystal copper wiring. And more output besides. It puts out something north of 4 mV which is going to match well with your PrimaLuna.

I've had mine 8 months and it just never occurs to me to upgrade my cart anymore (famous last words). The DL-160 sounds like a very good entry-level cartridge. The AT150MLX sounds like it's getting you into high end territory.
Thanks for the replies. I just ordered the AT150MLX from J&R.

I figured I have a MM phonostage, so might as well get a MM cartridge. Seems pretty well liked amongst other members..
Hi Elf73

No problem with the DL160 and my Primaluna PL1, mates well with the phonostage of the unit. Just turn the amp's volume knob up by a "5 minutes" increase to get same sound pressure than with a 5mV cart