Denon DL-160 Cartridge

I recently acquired a Denon DL-160 cartridge that’s used and in pretty good shape. It has been kept in a cartridge box for safe keeping over the last several years. I’m trying to find out if this is worth keeping and if so what the estimated value would be?
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It depends on whether your ear likes it.

Value is $35 to 100 depending on actual hours not guessed.
It is an absolutely awesome "budget" cartridge. You can't beat it for the money it went for when discontinued. An absolute crime that Denon dropped it. Works great in medium mass arms, and especially the Jelco 750D.
The cantilever has a suspension which fails due to oxidation (perishes).

This happens whether stored or not, whether played or not.

If its been more than 2-3 years it likely needs the stylus replaced on this account.