DENON DL-130,Still a good cartridge?

Hello dear friends.
Please.Somebody knows:Is the Denon DL-130 still a good cartridge,in today standards?
Thank you
Do you mean the DL-103?? If so, I've got one coming in the mail any day now. I'll mount it up and letcha know.
The moderator of one of the web hi-fi pages (Art Salvatore)
can't say enough about the DL-103. I'd like to have some
more information before I buy one from overseas. Thanks
Got my DL-103 last week from a shop in Germany. It's the "standard" 103 (not D or R suffix), and the performance for the modest price is quite good. The stylus shape obviates resolution of the finer details, but I don't have a particularly hi-rez system anyway. I love it! It has very good "presence", surprising bass, and a smooth midrange. The highs can be a bit etched, but it's in the process of breaking in. I'm not sure it this model is worthy of a Van den Hul retip, but if so, that would be an option down the road that would only enhance a time-proven design IMHO.
Have recently received my re-built 103S from Denon and am extremely pleased. As Musicdoc has pointed out... the bass is very good and the midrange is excellent. I have this mounted in an SME series III tonearm and am having great results. I had to adjust for frequency resonance, can't say enough about the help Reg @ SME was and Flat earth audio for the the help.
IMHO the 103 will handily outperform cartridges costing many times its modest price. As pointed out above, the midrange is sublime and the bass tighter than you would believe in this price range. It replaced a Linn Karma in my system and tracks nicely in a Linn Ittok at 2.5 grammes.
This is the conical version, which I found unused on eBay.
The elliptical version, the 103D, tracks at 1.5 grammes and has a slightly more open top end (from distant memory) and is a little more detailed in the mids. Denon does not export the 103 line to the US anymore. You can get the 103D from Galen Carol Audio in TX for a ludicrously low $130 plus shipping. I am buying two more at that price.

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I must correct an error. I mentioned yesterday that Origin Live in the UK and Galen Carl Audio in the US supplies the Denon 103D cartridge. That is incorrect. The 103 with a conical tip is on the only version currently available. Sorry for the confusion.