Denon DL-110 vs. Goldring 1042

It's been awhile since I have updated my system, and was considering upgrading my cartridge from the 110 to the 1042. My setup is a Technics 1210 MKII with some of the more popular mods(sans the tonearm rewire) running through an Onkyo A9555. Does anybody have experience comparing these two cartridges on a like setup?
Not really,but I have used both carts on my Rega 2 with a Rega Phono amp and preferred the Denon.
Nearly all my listening is Classical however,I'm pretty sure a rock fan would choose the Goldring.
I don't think that is an upgrade, I have the Denon and find it is a real bargain for sound quality.
If you go with the Goldring, buy it from the UK,, for much less. It should be an excellent match with your table. And if you go with Denon, go higher in line.
Goldring 1042 MM is very coherent and dynamic, excellent bass. Not the last word in resolution and speed but quite good.
Personally, I don't like Denon sound whatever this is, be it cartridge, electronics or cassette tape.
Also, you could consider Dynavector 10X5, it is very good though not to my taste in everything it does. Again, should be an excellent choice for your Technics.