Denon DL-110 HOMC

I’ll preface with, I’m still very new. I think I’ve learned something, I see 50 comments disagree online & smoke comes out my ears.  I have a Denon DL-110 HOMC cart.  It says it’s 1.6mV which is supposedly the same as a MM.  I was just going to start with a Schiit Mani (& Loki to make up for a little hearing issue) & move up as my system & understanding did.  But, they’re endlessly back ordered so, I cancelled.  Annoying.

Here’s where I’m getting confused:
1) For that output, many threads say just put it into a MM phono
2) Many say “Nope” it’ll always be muddy
3) It seems that many MC phonos will ONLY work with LOMC & state acceptable mV’s-but some threads say it doesn’t matter, use it anyway.
4) Configuring & additional “response curves”.  I see many that “configuring” is almost select MM or MC. I saw an iPhono that had more option brackets than March Madness. As a newbie, what’s enough/overkill?  I’ve seen some that have rc label varieties like rock, classical, live. On the surface, that’s appealing because sometimes/some albums I just need to make up for some of my hearing.

As always, I really do appreciate all the teaching.  Flogging & condescension... not so much.

one thing to consider is if your trying to make up for hearing loss you'd be better served with an amp-preamp-integrated with tone controls more specifically one with variable cut off frequencies (Luxman made quite a few like this for an example). This would allow you to adjust for the areas your missing with out doing harm to the rest.

 You most defiantly can plug it into a MM stage and get good results ultimately you may want to upgrade to something like that Iphono2 (I have one hits way above its price point), with the MC section you don't need the gain (most MC phono stages will have more then one gain setting fyi) but the flexibility to change loading is not trivial. You don't have a supper detailed cart with the Denon but the Denon is a great price per performance cart but its not going to give you what a better MC will so I would try it on your MM section and go from there as upgrades happen move up.  ultimately enjoy the music and hobby  

one more thing instead of the Shitt equipment you could find a great vintage integrated -receiver etc and get it all in one unit. Luxman, Sansui, Marantz  older Mac's for a few to start with. Most of them will have both MM and MC inputs. if that's not your boat then lots of other offerings out there. 

hope some one else can add a few i'm tired and brain dead right now.

Thanks. I appreciate your help. I don’t want to overplay the hearing thing. It just seems sometimes I’m missing out on some treble.
The phono input differences are really about cartridge output matching.    

Generally speaking, the MC phono inputs are for low output cartridges, the MM phono inputs for high output phono cartridges.  The DL-110 is a little light at 1.6mv for a MM input, but shouldn't really present much of a problem as far as gain is concerned.  There may be some factory loading associated with the MM inputs, but that won't be of any significance with a DL-110.  The DL-110 is a pretty good cartridge for the money.  

If you like the way Schiit electronics sound to YOU, then don't worry about what others think.  It's ALL about what you like.  Get what you like best that fits in your budget.  
This may cost you a few more dollars, but it is the route I took.

Parasound Zphono

Well reviewed, handles MC & MM cartridges, works well.  They make a USB version for $50 more, which is more of a full preamp.

I use this as a phono preamp in both of my systems.

Took all the fuss out of choosing a phono preamp.  The Denon is a good cartridge, as well.  You can try the Denon in either slot and go with the way that sounds best.