Denon DL-103SA VS DL-304

I would like to get Your opinion about those two.
Thanks, Alex.
I use the 103c and 304. I recommend Bob's Devices step up transformers, didn't need the extra gain but improved the sound considerably. See the review on 10 Audio, I didn't see it until I had bought mine but it is close to my own experience. I have NO connection to him except as a satisfied customer. I really like the 304 ; I can't give a direct comparison because I use the 103 on a Scoutmaster with standard arm and the 304 in a 12.7 on an Aries and I don't know how much the difference between them is the arm and table. I had intended to get multiple arm tubes until I saw the price. The 103 is a huge bargain, I paid about $170 on ebay new. The 304 is under $400 and still a good deal. I get more detail with the 304 and it is more laid back than the 103c but some of that is probably arm and table and the stylus will make a difference.

Do you still have the Denon DL304? and have you compared it with a Dynavector 20XL or 20XH?
I am still using it. I am a Dynavector dealer but things have been so slow that all I am carrying right now is their 75 phono stage, which is the best for the money I have ever used. A friend has the 20Xl [I think] in his system and it sounds good but his system is quite different than mine. If you want to know how slow I have had VPI since last Dec. and haven't had anyone in to look at them yet. Sort of blunts your appetite for getting in more things. I have no doubt that the Dynavector is a very good cartridge but choice is so much a personal and system dependent thing and the investment required to carry several is so much greater than it was in the old days that I haven't experimented the way I use to. I had intended to get a couple of arm wands for my 12.7 but the cost of them has kept me from doing so yet.
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