Denon DL 103r What Preamp or Step up

What preamp or step up are you using, including input (14ohm) loading / matching, to get this baby to stand up and sing it's heart out?. Any specific recommendations?
OK, Here is what I am trying. Its what I got, so here is where I am starting on my quest. Join me on my adventure in maximizing the DL-103r starting on a humble but very functional Rega P2 as a base line before moving to the King of turntables, the Mighty Garrard 301 set up and tricked out by Norwegian Wood.

Background: I've read twice already (and will again until I fully understand) the article in the library at the Vinyl Engine called "Step-ups and MC cartridges : The secrets of a successful marriage". It relies primarily on the author's technical interpretation and was something to glean more out of at a future date. Very right brain to us bilexic's (people who are able to access both sides of the brain but ultra rarely at the same time). Then I read the " Three Moving Coil Transformer Shootout Test" using one of the Jensen models, one from Lebong Audio (think Auditorium 23) and an amorphous core unit from Tribute Audio. Being a DYI speaker builder I loved the approach and language. Much more tangible to my left side neuron mass.

Any way, on to the item at hand. Plug it in and check it out. The Ortofon step up transformer has the following "specs". Remember Ortofon is from Denmark so the only info I have is in that language.This Ortofon has what they call a "pick-up impedans" listed at 3ohm with a, get this, "gangsbelastning" or output load listed as 47kohm & 100 pF. Then Denon DL-103r has an "electrical impedance" listed as 14ohm (+/-20%). I have not yet figured out the relation or corelation but after reading the TNT article I was ready to try it.

So I installed my DL103r onto my bone stock RB250 attached to a bone stock Rega P2 plugged in the Ortofon step up and got a serious hum. I then ran the grounding terminal on the step-up to the grounding terminal on my preamp and suprise suprise, the hum totally disappeared! And so the music started to flow. So as of this post, I now have two hours total on the cartridge. Already on acoustic guitar and vocals the sound is very musical. More later as it happens. After more breakin time.

Separately I am burning in the transformer by running a tape output from a receiver (tuned to a 24hour jazz station) to a hagtech reverse RIAA and then into the step-up to log the large amount of hours it takes to fully break in the transformer.

Any one else actually using this cartridge to good effect?
Let's hear what you are doing...
Enjoy your music...Shama
If you want some cheap good sounding fun, buy the matching denon au-300 transformer. sounds great for the price
Call Jonathan Halpern at Tone Imports. Auditorium 23 is your best bet
I had a 103R about 2 years ago, and this was wonderful with the Denon AU-103 step up, but the Peerless 4722 step up should be one of the best matches with this cartridge, as someone at told me.
The price difference is enormous, but so what. It's synergistic. I use my 103R direct into my Aesthetix Io Signature with the gain set at 72 dB.

I will add that the Dynavector P75 zero ohm loading works pretty darn good with my 103R.
Why would anyone think Auditorium 23 when speaking about the Lebong? Please check your sources.
Old thread... I've long since ditched my Io Signature and moved on to the Auditorium 23 (plus Shindo preamp).
The Bob's Devices are really good