DENON DL 103 stylus cleaning

Hi, i suppose this is easy to reply. Once I read that MC cart are more dangerous to be cleaned with liquids.
What about the LAST stylus liquid ??
Can I use it over my new denon or not ??
I have had a couple of DL103 cartridges, and I always use the matchbook striker method of cleaning them. I have never used the liquids, so I don't know about them. I have heard that they can "wick" up a hollow cantilever. I think that there is a type of dry cleaner that you just lower the stylus onto, and it cleans it without applying liquids. I forget the name of it. But using a matchbook striker on the contact surfaces has always worked well for me. I use that on all my styli, and have for years. No damage. Linn recommended this method for years.
last stylas cleaner is safe, last stylas preservative is questionable.
I am always open to the possibility of a cleaner or technique doing damage, but still to this day, I have yet to hear of anyone having a problem with the last cleaner.
I evan clean up and inside the armature occasionally on my clavis dc (this is against lyra's instruction) and to me the sound is just like new as far as I can tell. I onced used it to unclog thick dustballs that were cloging another lyra, so the whole cartridge had to get this stuff on it, including the coils and rubber and any glue (this was taking a risk, but the cartridge was actually clogged to the point that I would have to have sent it in to be at least partially disassembled!?). It worked. That is to say, it disolved the grime and the cartidge sounded good without mistracking or any evidence of loose parts.
That's my experience of how I have taken this stuff to far.
Don't take this as the know all end all of cleaning with last, but rather good solid evidence that it should not clog or leave a film under normal use.
I used Discwasher fluid on my 103D using the Diskwasher SC brush. Anything stronger may damage the old style rubber at the other end if the cantileaver. Dont get fluid on the cantileaver. If you have the tone arm loose you can use a firm brush like a Discwasher and go in a motion from back to front on the stylas. The cantileaver is very complient and by keeping the tonearm loose you only have the traching weight pushing on the brush.

I would be careful with LAST because that is a stronger solvant. It is good for getting hard muck off.