Denon Direct Drive Decision

Let me say from the outset that I have not been a huge fan of Denon DD tables in the past, though I have heard a couple that are every bit as good as the Technics SP10Mk2. My son and I have built now more than a dozen Lencos, four Garrards, a Dual, a Thorens, and an AR. So, what does he do? He sees a picture of a Denon DP-62L and falls in love with the style. OK, to each his own, right. What I’d like to do now is find one of these Denons that have all the knobs and switches smack dab on the rim around the platter – and, of course, make a knock down drag out plinth to accommodate both the unit and a differetn arm (or two).

I am certainly no Denon model expert, having never given them more than a brief second thought (perhaps unfairly). What I’d like to do is hear from people familiar with these tables to tell me what models to look for. Maybe a question would be, what model I should not consider going BELOW? In other words, I'm not sure that I want to go as high as, say, a DP-6000 at around $1K, but I don’t want a toy either. Maybe a DP-75? 62? Again, I want only a model that has the controls right there on the unit, itself. I’d like it to sound as good as the SP10Mk2 referenced above, or better, if possible. Something where he can enjoy the style and still have a moer than decent sounding table.

Yanx, maybe you already know about this site, anyway here's a link to their Denon page:
Thanks, while I have seen that page, others may have not, so it is a good post, still. Problem is, the tables I see available through the "usual" channel are, for the almost exclusive part, decidedly different than those offered on that site. There was a DP-6000 on the big board a short while back, though.
Mr. Bear in the Vinyl Asylum is the Denon expert.
Thanks, Francisco, good advice. I have a message in to the Bear Man. I heard he might be away presently.
I would look for a DP-75.
Thought of one, R. Any ideas on where to look?
The only place I know is here and eBay. You may look at these guys but I have never bought anything from them.