Denon DD Plinthing

Over the past few months, my son and I have been building quite a number of medium weight plinths (25-30 lbs) to accommodate low to mid-level DD tables, mostly Denons. This is part of a larger effort to provide some older gents with tables who might not otherwise enjoy one and we are using the DD's because they are reasonably priced, fairly reliable, and easy to work with, given the end users.

In our searching we also turned up a DP2000 and a DP80. Since the lower end tables sounded reasonably good, we decided to build a couple of massive plinths (85 pounders) to see how good these particular tables could sound. This was strictly our goal - we DO NOT wish to get bogged down in a tedious comparison between models or between drive types. If it sounds good, we like it.

Anyway, the DP-80 is not quite done but the DP-2000 is finished and now resides in my older son's place as a second table. We were surprised at just how good this table sounds. Whether in my higher end system, with an Accuphase E-202 driving Ohm C2's, or with a Yamaha CR-1020 driving PSB Alphas, this table held its own with many costing much more. I am not trying to say that this table is by any means an "end all" or will "blow away Brikmans", or some such nonsense, but one might be worth a restoration effort if you have one collecting dust or worth it if you find one at a reasonable price (beware of potential speed stability issues). The DP80 sounds better by a significant degree, but it will cost a lot more if you have to buy one.

Here is a link to some pics of the DP2000.

Beautiful 4yanx!!!!!! Quite a project but if it sounds half as good as it looks, must be outstanding. congratulations.
Thanks, SDub. It does sound surprisingly excellent, even with what might be considered a modest arm/cart combo. I am expecting HUGE things from the DP80 as initial results were very positive.
You don't owe me a Dennon but the workmanship is appealing and I am about to start a project of my own with a recently acquired Technics SP10 Mk2.
Good luck Albert. One of my best friends has an SP10 and it is a good table, too, though he wants to buy my DP80 after hearing it last week. Speed is SUPER stable and it is a very lively table - a factor some cite as a weakness with some DD's