Denon DCD-A110 vs Luxman D-03x

I'm a CD guy, no streaming or vinyl. Currently have a Musical Fidelity Nuvista 3D CD player which sounds and works great. The Nuvista is an older model, and the upgrade bug has hit ... so, I'm thinking of a new player and have narrowed down the choice to the Denon and the Luxman. Note that the Denon provides SACD capability and I have about 20 hybrid titles at this point. Your opinions, including recommendations for other CDPs, or advice to keep what I have, are most welcome. Thanks.
Your hybrid CD`s will play within a regular CD player.
The Luxman is the more regarded player.
@pmm Yes, I play the hybrids through my current CDP. I'm wondering whether I'm missing much from not listening to the SACD layer, although in reviewing the Dynamic Range Database, it seems that generally the SACD layer is only slightly more resolving. Thoughts?
Quality of the source recording and mastering will be significant.  I do not have a great number of SACDs.   Many of those are of older music that have been reissued and mastered to SACD.  For me, I no longer purchase SACDs and instead download DSD should I wish that format due to being original format.   Today, so much is done or edited in DXD and then converted to DSD format.  You also have user software tools to convert files to DSD as well as DACs that do so.  

I would suggest that if you have and/or collecting larger library of SACDs, then generally more expensive SACD capable player may be important and appropriate for you.  I have an older Integra Research player that will play the SACD layer, but currently do not have it active. For me, I have ripped all my CDs, including the CD layer of hybrids to hard drive.  There are people who will rip SACD as a service or you can pursue doing so yourself with certain hardware and software.   

Periodically, I muse about upgrading to a new player, but if I do so, I do not believe I would pursue SACD capability.   
"it seems that generally the SACD layer is only slightly more resolving"

Good point. 

 I have not heard about what you have mentioned, neither here, or anywhere else. It may be more resolving, but not enough to make an audible difference.
 I do have two CDP`s on my rack. One, is the Rega Saturn, prior gen. and the other, a Yamaha S2000 SACD player. I have found, that, the Saturn sounds more detailed. But, it may be that the Yamaha is a warmer sounding player.
@pmm  I think you'll find the Dynamic Range Database very interesting and useful. Go to