Denon DCD A100

I'm looking to upgrade my two channel SACD player. Currently my two channel system has a Marantz SA 803 for SACD. I had started a thread on this recently, but that was just before the Denon player has been slashed in price from $2500
10 $1500 by Music Direct and other sellers.
There are virtually reviews of this player anywhere. Nor is the Denon Web site very forthcoming with information.
My concern is that since Denon and Marantz have the same parent company, these may be very similar players. My issue with the Marantz (I think) is with the Cirrus Logic chip used in the D-A processing. It is kind of "soft". I don't want a bright, in your face sound with to much detail, but the Marantz is just to laid back, and the music tends to lose some vitality.
Has anyone heard the Denon? Do we know where they get their D-A Chips
( Denonweb site not helpful here at all). Can anyone compare the two players?

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Any comments on the A100. Thanks larry