Denon DCD A100

I'm looking to upgrade my two channel SACD player. Currently my two channel system has a Marantz SA 803 for SACD. I had started a thread on this recently, but that was just before the Denon player has been slashed in price from $2500
10 $1500 by Music Direct and other sellers.
There are virtually reviews of this player anywhere. Nor is the Denon Web site very forthcoming with information.
My concern is that since Denon and Marantz have the same parent company, these may be very similar players. My issue with the Marantz (I think) is with the Cirrus Logic chip used in the D-A processing. It is kind of "soft". I don't want a bright, in your face sound with to much detail, but the Marantz is just to laid back, and the music tends to lose some vitality.
Has anyone heard the Denon? Do we know where they get their D-A Chips
( Denonweb site not helpful here at all). Can anyone compare the two players?
Audiogoner "Theo" just bought one of these and did a ton of research before he made his purchase. Maybe he will respond. I think he found the Denon for close to half price.
I believe there is a review for the DCD-A100 on AudioReview. I also remember reading a thread that claimed their integrated amp, the PMA-A100, uses McIntosh parts. Like you, I'm interested in this anniversary series and it's unfortunate there's not much feedback.
Richard, Mofi admittedly had the model confused as to which I had recently purchased. I recently bought the DBP-A100 Universal Player. I hope that the following comments may help you in your decision. First off I had just sold a Denon DVD5910ci universal DVD player and wanted to have a Universal BluRay player and looked a number of makes and models. But I settled on the Denon 100 Anniversary for the following reasons and also my post purchase perspective. The 100 Anniversary is better built than the standard production sibling model within the Denon product line. They are hand assembled, the compenents are hand selected and the unit gets a 5year warranty vs. the 1-3yr. They add cast iron feed for stability plus looking inside of mine, it was very well laid out and each harness is very well secured and the care of assembly is very evident. As far as performance once I got it home I can sum it up with "extremely surprised". I had conceded to, that loss of the DVD5910ci a unit that I paid 3800.00 years ago, I would lose performance on audio quality. WRONG! This player does my DVD-A and SACD performance as well if not maybe better than the 5910ci. The information coming thru the speakers is more balanced in placement as well as providing detail with musical warmth, al 5.1 surround of course. I have another player for 2 channel. As far as video, the unit you are looking at doesn't do video so that isn't important, but I will add it is fantastic.
I hope this helps you in your decision.
As a side note I did get a 50% discount and I beleive they are using the Burr Brown 1795 or 1796 chipsets in the DBP-A100, but it has AL24 processing and the DCD has AL32 bit, so I would say they are using better chips. Call Denon they will tell you. I found them to be very helpful when I was researching my purchase.
Thanks Theo. I had bought a Denon Blu Ray from an AGoner because I wanted a Blue Ray that would have quality analog outs for a legacy non HDMI receiver. I am happy with the sound but find the picture to be diss appointing. I am glad that you find your picture on your Blu Ray to be of high quality and your information about the chipset is helpful.
Just picked one of these up from Music Direct and have it burning in now. Very nice looking player, solidly built. I thought the 100th Anniversary paint scheme would look bad with the sparkles in it but you have to look close to see them so it adds a nice touch. Decided to take the plunge on this player after reading several other post people have made, plus the fact that I like the way my Denon DVD-3800 sounded with Blu-Ray music. Will let you know how it sounds as it breaks in over the weekend.
I picked one up as well. Am playing my 3rd disc on it. I'll be happy to share impressions with you in a week or so.
Any comments on the A100. Thanks larry
I'm seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on this Denon 100th Anniversary player. I have owned a 1520 (sold it to a trumpet student-he still has it-I replaced the belts) and bought a mint (supposedly shelved) 1560. It works great unless I let it sit for too long a time w/o playing it. (Won't read disc...) If I tap it gently, it works fine, so I think it might be a laser transport issue. Both machines outperform each of these machines I bought 2nd hand to challenge it:

CAL Tercet Mk. III
Sony 5000ES Blu-Ray (bought new)
Various other tweaked 90's machines based on the "Mod Squad" platform.

I've got over 2K CD's and I'm really pleasantly surprised by how tough these vintage Denon machines are to beat. It's very highly detailed, but not overly analytical (to my ear) and the Bass dynamics/Voltage swings (RED book) run away with everything else I've personally thrown at it. My Analog setup is a VPI HW-19 Mk. IV/SAMA/SDS on Cones with the shelf on Navcom. Sumiko MMT/Blackbird and the 1560 is the only digital source I have that comes close in the audio realm. TIA for any constructive advice!
I've had mine for 6 mos and it's starting to sound really good. It is a well balanced presentation with superb scale and weight. Other than a very slight spotlighting in the mids there is absolutely nothing to complain about. At least half dozen players have come by to challenge it and none has been able to beat it (at least in my system). Cambridge 840 and McIntosh 201 came close but neither had the detail that comes so effortlessly from the A100. I read somewhere the transport in the Denon - smoothest and quietest I've seen by far from any player - is a derivative of the one used in the 6k MCD500. Very possible, since both firms are owned by the same parent company.
I've owned my DCD A100 for almost 1 yr. I've head to head tested with th mac 500, sim audio moon player @ 10 grand & an Audio Research player. The detail, sound stage is better and more 'fluid'. The only player better was the Esoteric reference.... But not by much... Warmer sound, but less detail. I've compensated by using Transparent reference RCA's. All other players used balanced. Equipment: Mac c2300, MC601, Genesis 2.2jr & Transparent Reference cables.
Can someone tell me why the screen shuts off when DAC is on ?
Haven't seen this on mine, by chance do you have the "Pure Direct" on? I know this turns off the display. I will try it with mine tonight when I get home.
I own it and love it.

Bought it for $1500. It plays like a $5K unit.

Redbook and SACD playback is exceptional.

Extremely well-built. CD tray operates effortlessly and with fortitude. Nothing flimsy here.

I also own the matching integrated amp (PMA-A100). This beast was a steal at $1500.

It is truly an extraordinary 100 year anniversary effort by Denon. I'm shocked there are so few reviews.

Rated 80 watts and plays like 120 watts. I've cranked it.
No distortion. Very user-friendly. Minimalist approach.

And, what's more, the remote controls both units. Sweet.

If you're looking for true audiophile quality "sleepers" then these two Denon units are it.

If you can find them, buy them.
I pulled the trigger on one from MD on closeout and it's the best CD player I've ever heard, including the ones I posted on above. It also doubles as a D/A. Killer single box player.