Denon DCD-2800AL CD Player What is it

Is anyone familiar with the Denon DCD-2800AL CD Player ?  I had a 1650AR for years and thought it was a great player  How do they compare?  Thanks
Classic R2R Ladder Multibit based converters 4 x PCM1702 very nice, if designed well with half decent I/V and output stage, should sound very good on PCM recordings IE: Redbook CD 16/44 or 24/96 and also DXD if they come on disc.

PS the 1650AR also had R2R Multibit converters as well.

Cheers George
If your wondering what DXD is here a snippet from Stereophile.

"The only reason to use DSD is that you get a smaller file, because DXD is better. No disc can hold a DXD album. This is why no one knows about it, because it has to be downloaded. Most of the guys who produce SACDs do so from DXD files. I know this for a fact, because I probably sold them the converter they are using.

There are thousands of recordings in DXD out there—probably half the SACDs out there were recorded in DXD on a Pyramix system—but no one has heard them in the DXD format. Yet, it was not until I experienced DXD that I was no longer able to hear the signal as a digital reproduction. In contrast, DXD is calm and warm, with a deep, resonant and well defined stereo perspective. So much so that it evokes memories of the heady days of analog."
Peter Scheelke is out to change that. As far as he is concerned, DXD’s time has come."

Cheers George