Denon dcd 110 sacd player

I just wanted to share, I just received the Denon dcd 110 limited edition sacd player, compared with the oppo 103 it's s huge improvement. The Denon is very clean, highs are more real, you could say a velvet highs. The mids I think is the better improvement, it gaves lot of body, more dense. The bass is very musical, it's strong and detailed without being boomy at all. In general has a big soundstage, deep, tall and extended all around the speakers, they totally get lost in the soundstage. I wouldn't call forward or agressive in any way, just alive, real, gives you a sensation of intimacy with the music, very immersive. With some recordings, well recorded, you feel like you have surround speakers, really. 
Hope someone find it useful
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Thanks ! I bought a $600  integrated Denon amp for my bed room recently .          

          Sounds very good and does everything .        


This is a sweet looking player. Add a made in Japan badging and you are ready to enjoy the Music!

Happy Listening!