Denon dcd 110 or Marantz saki Ruby?

So the title explain itself. I’m planning to upgrade my sacd player, currently an oppo 103. Recently launched the Denon dcd 110 and the not so new Marantz saki Ruby (I Will not consider the 30 which is lower than the SA KI). Im looking mostly for more musicality, more extended and deeper, more engaging sound. Which of them you think could bring better this sound?
Thank you!
Hi there,
I have a Ruby and the Service repair manual.
You can buy a SA-KI Ruby, SA-12 SE, SA-12, or SA-12 OSE.
They are all the same except for the copper plating on Ruby and SA12 OSE. The filter settings are restricted on the Ruby and the SA.-12 SE.
I think the SA-12 and the SA-12 OSE are for Japan only.
I have a black Ruby SA-KI number 819/999
At first I was very disappointed, the sound was not good at all.
My old Sony XA5ES(modified) sounded much better.
What have I wasted money on? Expensive crap.
I thought burn-in may make it sound a little better.
I gave it a chance before I decided if I should sell it for half price.
I used Audacity and an online tone generator to make a mix of frequency sweep (5hz-20124hz at 0db(full signal volume) and used a usb mem-stick as source.
It played for 100+ hours (my tube-amp turned off but connected)
I waited and waited and finally I dared to sit down and listened.
WOW what a difference.
After this treatment the sound is SO much better.
Now it sounds BETTER than the Sony, smoother and more life-like.
This player is in need of some serious burn-in.
My Ruby is a keeper.


So glad it worked out for you. The sound has a dynamic drive unlike any disc spinner I’ve had. A musical authority! It’ plays music. Not about treble, midrange, bass etc. just the music. It is as if I went to a more powerful amplifier.