Denon DCD-100 anniversary cd-sacd player

Has anybody heard the new Denon DCD-A100 anniversary cd player? I listened to it briefly and it sounded pretty nice. It was on the warm side but seemed to have good detail. I'm going to listen to it again in a few days and will have more input then if anybody is interested. It's $2500. I also listened to the Music Hall 25.3 dac and, for the price - $600, was a pleasant surprise. If I was on a tight budget, this is what I would get and it also plays 24/96 files. The Denon plays 24/192 and has several inputs. Sandra

I haven't heard the new Denon DCD-A100, if time allows I'll try to track down a unit and give it a good listen. Amongst "high end" consumer audio companies I do hold Denon in high regard, but if I had ~$2500 to invest in a CDP I would likely look elsewhere. I don't own any SACD's so my player of choice is a Cary 303/300; choice of either tube or solid state output, upsampling, balanced & singled ended outputs, etc.. There are several Cary's for sale here on the 'Gon, it's worth considering. Regards, Jeff
Hi Hack, I would love to hear your opinion of this player. I listened to it again yesterday and really do like it. Denon has never interested me much for high end audio, but I was told that for this anniversary edition they used very good parts and made it more high-end than their normal players. Any review on it would be helpful, thanks. Sandra