Denon AVR3803 VS. Marantz SR7300OSE

I've narrowed my search down to these two receivers. Any opinions? Maybe you can add to the confusion and recommend a third.
I have the Denon 3802 for HT and am quite pleased, but do not like the sound for just music. Have the Sony DVD-7700 hooked to it for DVD's, and CD's just don't sound as good as they do on the Marantz 18EX THX I havefor my music system with Thiel l.5's. Marantz sounds smoother with a larger soundstage for music than the Denon which tends to sound a tad harsher/leaner.
I have a Denon 3801 in my home theater with a Panasonic 310 DVD player and NHT SuperOne and SuperZero loudspeakers and I don't experience any of the harshness or leaness mentioned by Sjorgensen. In fact, I previously owned a Marantz Dolby Digital receiver and prefer the Denon by a wide margin. Music sounds great in my system with the Denon.
Tommyt, we think exactly alike. those are the same two receivers I narrowed it down to myself. IMHO, the Marantz edges out the Denon in music, while the Denon wins in HT. Of course alot depends on what your hooking it up to and with what your hooking it up with. Also, do you want 7.1 or 6.1? The Marantz is 6.1 while the Denon is 7.1. For me, I'm getting the Marantz to replace my Yamaha RX-V800, which is still a great receiver, but is only 5.1 and doesn't match the marantz or Denon musically.
that Denon model rocks for movies.

If this is a 50 50 music movie system, then go for the marantxz. if this is mostly for HT, go with the denon hands down
Will hold it's value longer and without very good speakers it shouldn't make alot of difference. Denon's 7.1 is good if you have the room size.
I'm a Marantz guy and 7200 owner. I heard the NAD 762 this past week and recommended you give it a listen as part of your search.
The DENON beats the Marantz in HT, as well the Marantz beats the DENON in music.
However, the NAD T763 (which replaces NAD T762) is superior to those in both HT and music!
But, if money no object, I would go for NAD T773.
I was looking at the same thing and I picked up the Marantz. I think it sounds great but since I had to go to different shops with different speakers to hear the difference, who know which sounded better between the two of them.

The only thing I like better on the Denon over the Marantz is that the Denon can upconvert video signals. The Marantz is limited to what the input is MUST be the same as what output signal will be.

Another consideration is 7.1 vs 6.1. My theroy goes like this: I did not think I would ever to 7.1 and am in the process of doing 6.1 so I did not need the Denon. I also think that if I werer a component maker I could spend more money on just the 6 channels than trying to stuff 7 in the same box. Also according to the shop I go to the OSE sounds pretty much as good as the 8200 and that it pretty much beats out receivers costing over $1000 more.

I take that with a grain of salt.