Denon AVR3300 fan = too

I have a Denon AVR 3300 receiver, the performance of which I am quite happy with, overall. However, every minute or so, the fan kicks in, which produces a rather loud, almost whining noise, which is very audible in quiet passages. Has anyone else had this experience? Are there aftermarket fans out there that can be used as a quieter replacement? Any other ideas or tips? Thanks.
You have a defective fan cutoff switch. It comes on too often. Contact Denon Service at(973) 396-0810.
I had a Denon AVR 3300 that had an overheat problem -- it would shut down frequently. It was sent to Denon for repair and when it was returned it had the same problem that you are experiencing. Like you, I was happy with the sonic performance but could not live with the fan noise. My dealer agreed to take it back and replaced it with a Yamaha RX-V1000. The Yamaha runs cool and performs well but it doesn't sound as good. My belief (no proof) is that to fix the overheat problem, Denon replaced the thermal switch with one that turns-on at a lower temperature and either replaced the fan with a higher RPM fan or had a method of stepping up the fan speed. Anyway, the end result was a unit that was unusable. If you go to you will find that many others have had overheat and fan problems with the Denon AVR 3300. I know that I haven't helped you fix your problem but just thought I would let you know that others have had similar problems with that model. I hope that Hoover11 is correct and yours is fixable. Good luck!!
Thanks for your help. I will call them on Monday.
I too have the Denon 3300, but haven't had the fan problem. It needs LOTS of air since it does run hot. Since the unit is installed in my audio cabinet, I have provided 4" of space on top of the unit, and always keep the glass doors open.