Denon AVR X3700 vs Marantz SR5015

I’m purchasing a new AV receiver and I’m looking at the Denon AVR X3700 and the Marantz SR5015. I’m getting the LG OLED 77” tv and i’ll be using all B&W speakers (2 DM 600 front, 2 M-1 rear, LCR3 center and ASW300 woofer.) I don’t need the 9 channels of the Denon so I’m looking at quality of picture, sound and build. I realize these units are relatively new so if anyone if out there using one of these, i’d like to hear your opinion. I'll only be using the receiver for watching TV. I won't be using it to listen to streamed music or other music sources.

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Worked for Magnolia for a bit and got to compare all their AVRs using B&W 804 D3s. If you’re looking for neutral and the most transparent sound I’d recommend Yamaha, and if you find your speakers a little bright or would like to add some tonal richness go with Marantz. Either way, by all means find your way to and save a bundle — both the Yammy RX-A880 and Marantz 5014 are available for $799 with free shipping. IME Yamaha has proven to be the most reliable of all the mid-fi brands if that’s a concern. The Anthem MRX520 would be a significant step up from both (if you only need 5.1) but costs $1399, which may not be worth it given your application. Hope this helps, and best of luck in your search.