Denon avr-4800 still a good receiver ?

Hi Everyone
I am a 2 channel audio guy. I do watch occassional DVD movies with the family and have had a denon avr-4800 for 6 years. It recently went down and now I need another receiver. I have found another Denon avr4800 for $400. Does any other receiver come close to it for this price. I am interested in driving 5 b&w 803 and 805 matrix speakers while watching movies.

Thx. Chris
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The later models basically just improve the decoding and the video processing. If you like those as they are, then by all means get the 4800.
The main reason folks upgrade receivers is the video stuff.
I own a 4806, and never plan on upgrading. I go direct to the screen for video, and the sound on the 48XX series of Denons is the best!
Thx for the reply Elizabeth. That 4800 I found turned out to be an original owner receiver and in mint condition.