Denon AVR 3803 vs. Yamaha RXV 1400

Denon is a good receiver for the $...(can be had around $650) .but looking at some great deals on the Yamaha which are a bit cheaper.

Yammie's have Dolby 2x, THX select, and autocalibration.

Denon is denon, though, and very musical.

Any thoughts? I'd use it 50% music, 50% home theater

(using NHT speakers - 1.5's, Sub2i, 1.4's as rear/surrounds).
I'd go with the Denon. I think thier recievers sound a little more commanding and authoritive than the yamahas.
go 3803 and don't look back.
If you are after music quality, go with Yamaha.

If you are after HT movie effects, either one is fine.

I bought a Yamaha 1400 two weeks ago and I have no regrets. IMHO, Yamaha edges denon on this model both music and movies. Audition it both. Let your ears decide.
I've owned Denon and Yamaha, and I am more of a music listener. I am still using my Yamaha RX-V1000 and love it, i've just always preferred the Yamaha for music.
i wanna buy one.
which one ?
both r 6.1 with all the decoders of these days.
RDS etc..
both 75w RMS 6 channel

So, anyone out there can help decide

I'm bias b/c I have RXV1400 as pre/pro and Marantz 5-channel amp to drive it. HT is awesome and 2-channel music is wonderful while 7-channel stereo mode to host party throughout the house is excellent. For comparison in this price range.
Just bought my Yamaha 1400 last month as X'mas gift to myself :-)

Wonderful is all I can say. The sound quality and features/functions are unreal for under $700 at local retail store.

Good call! :> )
What about instead the Pannasonic XR45 instead of either of these? What does the group think?
I'm sure you're really confused now!..
I've been selling Yamaha and Denon Side by side for almost 10 years now. My experience, as with many other audiophile/salespeeople I've worked side by side with, is that(as stand alone unit's), that the Denon's tend to be a bit more warm bodied sounding in the price range, with a bit more bass. The Yamaha's in similar pricing tend to be a bet less weighty, a tad more extended(sometimes a hair bright), and somewhat hollower in the midrange...this has been the trend. some years, it changes, and it trades off a hair. Infact, the RXV800 and 1000 generation were pretty darn good for their line comparatively for the Yamaha's.
The yamaha's preamp section is pretty clean for what it is, and sounds MUCH BETTER used from it's amp-out's to an outboard amp!..which is not the case here..but that goes with the Denon as well.
Enough of my schpiel...I think the Denon 3803 is a superior more musically right sounding unit on it's own than the yamaha RXV1400!...and I say that from hearing both with a number of different speaker offerings! If I had to listen every day to both, I'd hardly ever turn on the Yamaha(which I generally like and respect yammie's over the years, especially set up right with the right gear).
Still, it's all good, and that's considering them both connected via the digital input, running 2 channel and well as analalog in.
To each his own.
I just think the Denon sounds more like what higher end aspirations are asking for as a "balance of sound"! Still, the yamaha's are clear, pretty darn uncolored, with good detail(note all these processors digital sections are getting really good for what they are!..really good!...espedcially for DD/DTS and such!)
I have also sold the NHT line in as many years, and used to own the 1.5's myself! The sound is clear, and can be a little lean in the bass if not set up right. The Denon goes very well with the rather "neutral palate" of the the NHT's! The Yamaha will make it sound more "plain" and "body-less" I think..but that's being critical. Still, some will say Yamaha here. I dissagree.
But then, all you have to do is buy both and sell one problem.