Denon AVR 3802 Find

I picked a Denon AVR 3802 up for $15 the other day with the remote, and manual. Nice unit.
Still am playing with it.
Trying to figure the volume level. Has a second internal volume setting? I think it has more power (Volume) then it's currently set at but I doubt I will change the decibel level, and leave it that way if I am reading the manual correctly.
It is somewhat of an odd unit. Not as complicated as people are making it out to be.
Personally I would never buy something like this unless it was a deal. Just don't need all the bells and whistles that come with these units.
I re-read the manual,(The Manual is very poorly written) and I can lower, but not increase it's current volume setting.
I cannot bring up an on screen menu with the remote although the remote appears to be fully functional. Tried re-setting the remote to no avail. I will play with it some more.
If you can lower the volume but not turn it back up then you probably have a bad volume control.

If you can turn it up or down below a set level than try resetting the processor. The manual describes how.
On screen menu will only work with composite and s-video. It will not work with component video.
Volume is fine. There is another secondary volume setting that you can lower/raise(?), the Decibel level from zero to 40. It is independent of the main volume.
Again the manual can be quite confusing.
Thanks Tls49. Very helpful. I will pick up a s-video cable.
Very picky unit with speakers. I first tested the unit with a junk speaker in the shop, then tested it when I got home with a pair of Tannoy System 800's. Sounded excellent with those.
I have been using a pair of KEF 102's with a decent Infinity 80 WPC Center Channel. Works well this way. The Tannoy's are just to big for how the unit is placed in the entertainment center (Something somebody else wanted that I would have never purchased)
I have been running a Yamaha RX V unit, but the Denon definitely sounds better.
Put some larger speakers on this unit and it would be very efficient, and nice sounding unit.
Can't complain for the price.