Denon AVR-3300 and NHT 2.5i

I have a Denon AVR-3300 receiver and would like to get a new pair of speakers. I'm thinking of NHT 2.5i but concern wheather or not my Denon will fit for them. I heard that NHT 2.5i is a power hunger. Any suggestions would be appreciated. THanks.
The 2.5i speakers are very flexible and image nicely. They are ahard to beat for the money. They require a good unit but can reach good volme levels with receivers without the sound breaking up. Maybe something by AR with a powered built in sub might be a better idea for you or even the Definitive Technology line ie Pro Tower 400 at 549 each with built in powered sub so your receiver will not run out of gas on the bottom end.
I just got a 3300 & a pair of NHT 2.9's - the Denon seems to do ok best I can tell.
I own a Nakamichi AV10 with NHT 2.5i. The AV10 puts out 100 wpc and works great with the NHT's. I love these speakers and highly recommend them. I was considering the Denon AVR-3300 until I heard the Nakamichi. They were both in the same store, so it was easy to compare the Nakamichi with the Denon using the same NHT 2.5i speakers.
Make sure that you listen to the combination first (i.e. take your Denon with you to the store), as the 2.5i are somewhat sensitive to the quality of the components that drive them. I also suggest that you get one NHT SA-2 sub-amp and thus by-amp them, and these speakers will come alive... with a lot a bottom end. The SA-2 retails for $400.