Denon AVR 2808 or Arcam AVR 300

I need to make a decision between these two. Primary use is Music but also for HDTV in family room.

Cost-wise, may get a brand new Denon for about the same as a used Arcam.
Any thoughts?
The Arcam is one of the best sounding all in one receivers I have ever heard. I think it's build and clarity are top notch. I upgraded to the AVR 350 and its more open but still similar in sound. With the Denon I think you pay for more of the latest additions which may take away some of the strengths of the potential sound quality.
Thank you, Mcfavre4. Great to be able to make informed decisions.
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Be very careful in purchasing an Arcam AVR 300. I've owned one for four years and recently it has had problems. After consulting several Arcam repair facilities, they tell me that the Arcams' motherboards are failing at an enormous rate. Repairs are quite simple, but very expensive. Estimates run as much as $800. The newer 350's, those built after March 08, have upgraded motherboards which seem to have cured the problem. Unfortunately, most all of the 300's are older than that and if out of warranty(2 years), the owner will pay dearly if it fails. Just thought you should be aware!!!
I would get the Denon. Any AVR more than 1 1/2 years old is way behind on current technology - particularly HDMI connections, which you will likely want sooner rather than later. And, in any event, the Denon's are fine sounding AVR's. Also, look at the Onkyo's in the same price range.
You just saved my marriage, Ucmgr. I am going to turn my attention to another listing on the site: a Denon avr5800.
The component is adequate for HD use since it is for use in a family room with cable. Mostly, I plan to use it for music.
But unlike most lucky guys out there, I can barely make the budget.
As stated, the AVR 300 can't be touched by any Denon or Onkyo for sound, newer or not and certainly not by the 2808 which is not a high end sounding unit in 2ch at all. Features are fun but once you set up you still listen to a receiver. HDMI is not a HD device for audio yet so it's only the video switching it will need to carry. The Arcam is more like separates if open soundstaging is a priority. It has one of the best processors on the market today. Haven't heard of any widespread issues (owned the 300 now the 350) but I'd look into it. The Arcam distributor would know any detail as they are the only link to the service centers.