Denon AVR 2803 vs Integra DTR 5.4 vs HK AVR 330

Still contemplating which one to buy... I can get any of the three for around $550. I've read that Onkyo/Integra receivers have artifically inflated wattage ratings. I've read that Harman Kardons aren't reliable in the long run. I'm just wondering which one of these is better for starting my 1st home theater system. It'll be used for pretty much everything, and I'm thinking of going with either Axiom or Paradigm towers & center channel, with the same brand of bookshelfs as surrounds. I'm attempting to spend around $2000 for everything in a 5.1 home theater system. I've read so much about everything it's getting a bit confusing...What's the best bang for my money?
Guess what?!...the more your read, the more confusing it gets! It takes years to know what's what for making "special audio/video" happen. Still, there are often better choices than others, depending.
Really, I like the Denon or HK at this price. I also don't think there's going to be a big difference sonically in critical terms. Either are going to work fine. If you want to get into better sound, you need to go separates really. And for the money, Outlaw is offering the best deal there.
Another thing, STRONGLY CONSIDER running any and all of the speakers above as "small" on your receiver, and let the powered sub handle the bass! Not only is any receiver power limited, but passive home audio speakers need all the dynamic help they can get! Do as THX recommends, run em as "small", and you're dynamic range will jump way up! Just blend everything, place speakers/seats correctly for best sound, and deal with acoustical considerations(read, read). Also, if you sit close, have high ceilings, or ceilings that have treatment(non-flat surfaced), you can use typical designs with good effect. If you sit back further, have relatively low ceilings in relation to how far back you sit, and have no treated ceilings, you should consider D'appolito, THX, Horn loaded, or planner designs! Otherwise, you'll hear too much room interaction, and won't get great sound. Good luck
I just sold my Integra 6,2 for 400--- It was listed for 4 weeks.--- I thought for the money--- Well, you get a lot for the money. It was a sweet sounding / trouble free / bug free. Some of the new Hks have a bug.
Strange as it is, my sister has the HK 320. It is a nice sounding piece----But nowhere the sophistication of the Integ.
Ideally;look for one that was about 1200 new;and has the features you need, and the power you need.-- 550 buys a lot in a used receiver. EDIT: I saw a hot buy and couldn't remember what it was so ---NOW I do. Marantz 6200 for 450. BTW, my new receiver is the Marantz 9300. While I was shopping for it--then as I was selling my Integ.I kept a close eye on "used receivers and their prices". This would be my pick at the price point.
A lot depends on your speakers and sub. What do you have? Personally, I think the Denon sounds much better. Also, do you need multiroom? Again, the Denon is best. How many digital inputs do you need? That will make a difference.
Finally, there are more out there in this price range. Start looking (outlaw, marantz, sonyES, .....)