Denon AVR 2803... Should I add an amp?

I currently have a Denon AVR 2803 with Paradigm Reference speakers; Studio 20’s in front, ADP’s for rears and the Studio CC for the center and the PDR 10 sub. I’m considering adding an amp to my line level outputs in enhance the overall sound of the system. I mostly use the system to watch movies. I don’t want to spend much over $500 for a used amp. I’m looking to have several questions answered.
·Will an amp substantially upgrade the sound?
·What power should I be looking for in watts per channel?
·Should I go with a 3-channel amp for the fronts and center or a 5 channel to include the rears?
·What amp, make and model, would best fit with my situation?

Thanks… all advice is welcome!
In just about all cases, a separate amplifier would be better for music than a HT receiver. I owned a Denon AVR 2801 a few years ago and I found that its performance was pretty lackluster when it came to music, but was more than acceptable when it came to movies. Since then, Denon has supposedly re-vamped the 28XX to where it is more 38XX like, which seems to be a popular HT choice around here. The 2803 has also been very favorably reviewed in the British press (What Hi Fi magazine) in the mid-priced HT receiver category.

What about your system's performance are you looking to improve? Also, what DVD player are you using? At first glance, I am not sure that an amp would be the answer for a situation where movies are the primary source.

Regards, Rich

I would choose a 3 channel (150+w). It would also depend on the size of your room.
To answer the questions above, I'm using a Denon DVD 2800 DVD player and the room size is around 19 x 25. I do listen to music on this system, however, the system is "on" more for movies recently. I guess the performance that I'm looking to improve on is just more depth to the sound/music regardless of the source.
For about $400 you can get a Carver AV-405 (Bob Carver era, Made in the US), it is a 5 channel delivering 100 wpc to the fronts, 110 to the center channel and 50 to the rears.
It sounds quite good for thye money...I'se seen them in Ebay.

adding most any amp would easily double the sound quality throughout, if not tripple! Sonically, the amps in that (as most) receiver is just marginal comparatively.
No receivers amp section can really do as well as a good separates amp from my experiences.
I once did a side by side with the Denon 5600 and Yamaha DSPA3090 flaghips back when, driving some little B&W DM601's as well as full range Mirage M5's, for both music and movies. I think used both those receivers from thier pre'out's into a modest Denon POA8200. The Denon amp blew away both the receivers amp sections by a TON!!!! wasn't even close...another league really.
I've sold and used lots and lots of separates and receiver systems over the years. SEparates is the way to go. In your case, yes, adding even a modest 150W/ch amp (could get by with less running your speakers as "small" (which I recommend highly, especially for rock/HT) would do wonders for your overall sound. There are many to choose from.
good luck