DENON AVP-A1HDCI vs. Anthem Statement D2?

I want to upgrade the home theater that I have. I need feedback/advice to help me choose between DENON AVR-5308CI vs. Anthem Statement D2 Audio/Video Processor. I am looking for high end system. Is there any other recommendations?

Cary Audio Cinema 11a and Cinema 11v. Seperate Audio and video modules. Looked and more importantly sounded amazing at CES.

But I do love the Anthem as well. I think the audio on the Cary is better. But that may just be my bias.
Well, the Denon 5308 is a receiver, the AVP1 is fully loaded pre/pro, with even more features including all the new audio codecs for Blu-ray and HD DVD and I am waiting on one now. I also am currently playing with the new Anthem D2 with the ARC room correction, and I can say if you haven't heard one with the room correction, forget anything you've heard before, the ARC is incredible!

I will try to post back once I've gotten the Denon and let you know. the Anthem is a great pre/pro, but alas it does not yet have an upgrade path for the new audio codecs.

I too am considering the Denon AVP-A1HDCI vs the Anthem D2. Do you have any notes on the comparison?

In terms of Home Theater , the Denon AVP-A1HDCI is the king of the hill.
Any more recent opinions on this?
I suspect it will do about what's expected from Denon - warmth, good dynamics and weight, slightly shy top end (better air and extension on others), and just descent with analog sources. The Audyssey and HD codecs, of course, will be a plus, and carry the sound quality a bit.
I guess: 94/100 for HD movies, 91/100 for older digital movies, and 83/100 for analog sources. That's my "Professional" educated guess! - lol.
Actually, would like to hear the thing, and read a review or two myself.
As for anthem, pretty nice digital av pre/pro's from what I've heard. Although I've heard better dynamics from other AV pre's and better refinement (of course) from better two channel pre's for analog sourcing - as predictable. Still, nice stuff. (minus the Audyssey)
How about the Sim Audio pre? They've made some great sounding gear, and it has Audyssey! Anyone hear this?
Instead of Audyssey, the D2 has ARC-1 which is quite formidable.

I've never heard the ARC-1 processing. Nor, have I heard reviews or comparisons to Audyssey's tech (there's a reason it's in so many receivers and pre's today!).
I'll look into that. Thanks
Yeah...def...definitely no HD audio processing on the Anthem...yeeeeah. Def...def...definitely no 1.3a or DTS Master audio on da...da....da...D2 processor...yeeeeah. Yeeeah. Yeeeah.
Um, Um definitely no 7.1 channel input either... yeeeah...yeeeah...definitely K-Mart....440 Oak Street...yeeeah. Yeah, definitely Charlie Babbit say's buy only up to date audio equipment...yeeeah...yeeeah...definitely not a good driver...yeah.

Anthem was showing the D2v2 @ CEDIA this past week and it will be available as
an upgrade to all current users. The price is only $500 more than the current
D2 and it now has 8:2 HDMI 1.3 switching with the two outputs capable of
different scaling, and with firmware update, two independent zones.

Oh, and it will do all the new codecs once that is added.... Expected to ship THIS
My review (September Stereophile) of the D2 includes comments about ARC. November issue will offer a head-to-head comparison of ARC and AudysseyPro. Of course, a new version of AudysseyPro, v3.0, has just been released and changes some of the balance, again.

N.B.: One does not get to choose between ARC and Audyssey without choosing platforms with many other distinguishing features, so I am not comparing the Denon with the Anthem.

Very good! I very much look foreward, Kr4, to a comparison, your thoughts, and your overall assessment.
I, for one, like where the whole DSP room correction, and related, is going! Room acoustics is something that must always be considered in any well executed listening room, to be certain. Processors like this can only stimulate more and better of the same!
I just realized I hadn't commented about the Denon vs Anthem D2.

I have had a D2 for some time, and recently got the newest version w/ARC, and as Kal says, it is really good.

I had the Denon AVP-A1HDCI as well. What can I say, it was the first pre/pro I've had that did the new codecs, and they are AWESOME!!!!! If you haven't heard them yet, you need to. They will make DD and DTS sound like MP3's they are that good.

Now, when it came to usability in a combined music and movie system, to me their was no comparison. the Anthem sounded far better. Better weight and imaging than the Denon, which got the timbre right, but presented a wall of sound with no air or separation.

FWIW I am back to the Anthem, and anxiously awaiting the release of v2 so I can get that one!!! I can't wait to see what they can do with the new codecs!