Denon AVP-8000DTS or ?

Anyone had any experience with the Denon AVP-8000DTS? I am looking to replace my Yamaha RX-V2092 with a HT theater processor using outboard amps that I am using right now with the Yamaha. Want something that works well for HT (DTS) and has a true "direct" music mode where I can suppliment with some mild amount of top notch DSP processing in the rear channels (i.e. Jazz Club, Concert Hall, etc.). Don't want a HT processor w/o the DSP music modes. The Denon looks to be a good choice with this flexibility, but interested to hear about others. I have a chance to pick up a used Denon from a friend who is in continual upgrade mode. Thanks !
If you want DSP on Music, you want a Lexicon.
It's hard to beat Lexicon's circle surround modes for music, and a DC2 is in the same price range as the AVP-8000, if you hunt around, you might be able to find a MC1 for a dollar or two more. Dolby Prologic II is supposed to (from the reviews I've read anyway) give the Lexicon's DSP modes a hell of a run for the money, most of the reviews have been nothing but positive, but about the only preamp's that offer it are the Merridian and TAG McLaren processors that I know of, and the soon to be released Fosgate Audionics FAP200 (this pre/proc looks really cool, 100MHz HD video bandwidth switching, backlit LCD control panel).
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