Hello I own a Denon apo 1500 AMP, I will like to know what kind of speakers should i get.

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Well, there is not a lot of info to go on here.  While the amplifier that you have makes a difference, the larger considerations in choosing a speaker are your room, your taste in music, and your budget.

please answer these questions and I'll give you some suggestions.

how large is your room?
what are your listening habits (loud, soft, background music, or dedicated listening)?
how much money would you like to budget for speakers?

While the POA-1500 is a very well built and nice sounding amp, I would not use it with nominal 4ohm speakers.  It just does not have the low impedance driving capabilities.  Very sensitive protection circuitry.  I used this amp all day long at mid/high volumes with a pair of Klipsch forte's and this combination was wonderful.  For kicks and giggles I hooked it up to my Klipsch RF-63's(3--6.5" woofer array) and after some high volume listening sessions, the POA-1500's protection circuitry triggered and shut the amp down. 

Oh yes, I almost forgot, those big meters are cool.


There are hundreds of speakers you can get.  If I listed all of them, how would you know which is best for you and your amp?

I suggest you understand your amps limitations and then go out and audition a variety of speakers that your amp can properly drive and that are within your budget.  Then pick the one that sounds best to you.  Have fun doing it too.

Hello, I current use Polk audio model T90e EURO, 8H, I was wondering if they can hold the power at high volume, is not that listing to high volume all the time but i don't want to blow them, I listing to jazz classic rock, classical music, and blues most of the time, the room were the system is at is 20 by 14 feet.
Should i keep those or get something else? my budget is $500 for a used pair

With an amp of 150 watts and a speaker of 90db of sensativity, you should be able to get fairly good volume out of them.  I'm not convinced a $500 speaker on the used market will be the way to go unless you just plain don't like the Polk speaker that you have.   What is the problem now?  Does it distort at high volume?
I agree with Mark. Your amp put out more than ample power into speakers that are pretty easy to drive. So, even at ear splitting volume levels, you are no where near full power from your amp with 8ohm, 90db speakers. So this is no reason to consider another pair of speakers.

Unless their distorting and then that’s another issue. Or as Mark points out again, unless you don’t like the sound of the Polks. If that’s the case, then refer to my first post - go out and listen to speakers that you do like the sound of.
And I agree with Paraneer :-)

In fact, a cursory search for 2nd hand speakers at the $500 price point does show more promise than I had originally expected.  Especially if you are willing to choose a speaker that is a bit on the older side, or has a minor bit of cosmetic damage, you will be able to get a speaker that retailed for 3-4 times (or more if you're lucky) of what you Polk speakers cost new.  Cost is not the end all be all factor of quality by any means, but it is a reasonable barometer.  A $2000 speaker is usually universally better than a $600 speaker, even with a few exceptions to the rule. 

If you do not like your speakers, here is what I would do.  Research what your Polks will sell for on the used market.  Add the expected amount to your $500 budget, and see how far north you can stretch it.  Then research what that budget (hopefully about $700 or $750) can get you on Audiogon.  Location is a factor as some larger speakers are expensive to ship.  If you can find a pair that is selling at less than half of retail or better, you are probably looking in the right direction for a sweet upgrade.

Be sure to choose an 8 ohm speaker, with a sensitivity of no less than 88 or 89 to be able to get the most out of your amp.  90 or 91 would be even better.

Good luck!