Denon Anniversary models: Any experience?


Please share any experience you have had with the Denon Anniversary components. Are they good sounding or less than special?

I own the A-100 Blu Ray player and now that they have replaced the transport mechanism, I ma very happy with mine. I had issues reading some BR discs and Denon handled this repair under warranty. They do have a 5 year warranty.
I mainly wanted it for 5.1 SACD/DVD-Audio and I think it sounds great. I was very pleased out of the box, but once it burned in it really improved in sound quality. I had a 5910ci before and I feel this is on an equal performance, and actually on the video side it is better on standard DVD than the 5910ci was. I plan to keep it and if I ever get into 4K or 3D(not!) I will buy another player.