Denon and Polk Combo

I'm considering the Denon AVR-3805 A/V Receiver with the Polk R20's. The amp is meant to be scalable for the future, but the R20's are for a small living room and may be demoted if I move into a bigger place. Any other suggestions in this price range?
I used some older Polk 5B (large monitor) with a new Denon rcvr with good results.
Denon 3805? I had a 3803. Never heard of a 3804. Is a 3805 already out? or did ya mean the 5803?
either way its good stuff, good stuff.

dont know a whole lot about Polk, always been somewhat prejudice against Polk for some unknown reason

Everyone ive heard of with a 5803,. 4803, or 3803 have been really happy with the product.
I had a Denon reciever-avr 85, and Polk rt 55 speaker combo. I remember thinking that the overall sound was thin-insubstantial, and not very exciting.I felt I really had to crank the volume. Later, I used the same Polk speakers with a Denon integrated amp and the results were much better-much fuller sound. However, the polks had a strange,detached, if not flabby sounding bass. I dont know how to explain it, except that it seemed all the low frequencies were inordinately separate from the rest of the music.I was always checking cables to make sure I had not hooked them up wrong. I am certainly not criticizing Denon recievers or polk speakers, as I suspect there was a lot about speaker set up I did not know about back then that may have improved the sound produced of that combination. I would say you would do best to try to listen to them together if possible. Those same polk speakers ended up with a pioneer receiver at a friends house, and she swears by that combination.
the 3803/3805
if u going for polk speakers, best matched is the
RTi 10 or Rti 8
The Denon 3805 should be on out for sale on March.

a few years ago I considered Polk speakers to accompany them. It was down to a pair of Polks and Boston Accoustics. I chose the Boston 900 series because I thought the Polks were too boxy sounding.

IMO I would bypass the Polks and buy a pair of GMA Europas. You'll probably save a few coins and the GMA's will blow the Polks out of the water. I think the Denon will drive the Europas very well.
Dawg, the Polks he's talking about are $200/pair speakers. The GMA are $800/pair.
For $200, why not get something like NHT superzero or Axiom M2i, or a good pair of used bookshelf speakers? I owned the Polk R15 for a few weeks and was not really impressed, I think you'll do much better looking elsewhere.
The AVR-3805 is now on Denon's website (updated 02/13/2004)and will be release March 2004.
Where the hell was the 3804?

There has been a 3800, 3801, 3802, 3803, now a 3805?

where is the 04?
Hey Slap it's leap year.
Duhh.... oh yeah.