Denon 5910ci VS McIntosh MVP871

Which of these two would deliver the better audio reproduction? I would use it for video as well and would suspect that the Denon might have the edge there. But if to be used as a CD/SACD/DVD-A player has anyone made a comparision?
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Well, the resale value of the Denon is ALREADY down to around $600. or less. If you are buying it new, you are going to be crying if you change your mind.
I bought the 5910 (no CI) new for $1,200 over two years ago from a local dealer. (A great value at the time)
If you can get the Denon new for under $1,500. it might be worth buying.
I would assume the MAC might be a better value.
I understand the price points on these as they are both discontinued. But just wondering if the Mcintosh would produce better sound and if so then justification of the extra money would be easy.
Mac has a house sound, and a following. If you own other MAC gear go for the MAC.
MAC stuff is built to last.
I own the Denon and would say it is a great sounding CD player. But not as good as any old transport thing playing through the newest upsampling DACs.
(I have bought a Bryston DAC, waiting on delivery to dealer)
As for Video, the Denon is EXTREMEMLY good via HDMI if used with a mild power conditioner.
I also own the 5910 and use it as my daily CD/SACD & DVD player. I agree that the DAC technology on the Denon is getting surpassed by latter day options. I find mine an excellent transport with a PS Audio DLIII DAC. Video is still superb as Elizabeth mentions.
I would say the 871 will surely sound better. I've compared pictures of the innards of my MCD301 to the top-end Denon model CD player (I don't quite remember the model) thinking they would look similar but they are in fact completely different! McIntosh redoes everything even though the basic parts are from Denon in many cases (same parents you know). I'm sure Mc goes through all that trouble to make it better. Not to mention resale will be way higher on the Mc.

Saw this thread a few days ago at work. I have never heard the Denon. But I have had the MVP871 in my system for a few days. The other universal player in my system at that time was a Marantz DV7600. For video, the Mc got the nod, but just barely. It was significantly better at detail. But overall, it wasn't that much better. Now, as to audio, it was no close race. The Mc was amazing. It had incredible sound. Very open, floaty, and just down right pleasing. If you want it for mostly music, it will not dissapoint. Video is good, but musically, it is a real winner. On other forums it has been compared favorably with other more expensive Mc players (CDPs). I really wanted to buy the 871, but because it did not do Bluray, I decided against it (have a Marantz BD7003/Cambridge Audio 840C combo now). But I still remember that audio; very very sweet. If you can get a good deal on it, I'd do it. Also, the Mc has at least four DACs on board. I forget. It may be four per channel. Also, it has a very good power supply and this is what makes it such a performer. I doubt that the Denon can keep up with it. Again, I haven't heard it. So its just my opinion. Good luck.
Thanks for the input. I already have the 5910ci but have a dealer willing to make me a very good deal on a trade for an 871. I had kind of shelved the idea as I would really only use it for 5.1 Sacd/dvd-A and occasional std DVD movies. You have my dilemma juices flowing again.
Maybe you should get your dealer to let you take it home for a week. Then you'll be able to tell if it fits the bill. Look for a somewhat noisey CD drawer and drive mechanism (hopefully the one you have access to doesn't have it). Some of them have it that I've noticed. The drawer is not the stong suit of this player, but sound surely is. You can read alot of first hand info on this player. Look for posts by Masterlu. He was quite a fan of it a year or so ago. Have fun Theo.