Denon 5803 Vs Sunfire Ultimate Receiver

What are your opinions on the Denon 5803 and Sunfire Ultimate Receiver for a home theater setup? I would likely rarely listen to music, so concerns about music quality are secondary.
I listened to both at a local SoundTrack (part of Ultimate Electronics). Unfortunately the two receivers were in seperate rooms, so the difference may be more in the rooms and speaker arrangements than the receivers themselves. In those setups, however, the Sunfire receiver sounded a lot better (again it could have been room and speaker arrangement differences).

Also, it doesn't appear that the Sunfire is THX certified. I'm not sure if that really matters if it performs well.

I am also planning on upgrading my speakers. My current plan is to go with a full complement of Paradigm reference speakers.
The sunfire web site says the receiver has the same processor as the stand alone theatergrand model. I have the theatergrand processor in my hometheater and it is one of the best out there IMHO. I don't know how good the amps in it are though as I have never listened to it. I have never checked out the Denon so I don't know about it. If it is the same processor as the theatergrand it will sound very good for music as mine sounds fantastic as long as the amps are up to snuff.
I also A/B both receivers at a local audio shop. They were both very good on surround material (movies) but the sunfire was superior to the Denon on stereo material. I have a Sunfire receiver on order.
You may get 2 e-mails, but it looks like the first attempt had an error, so I am sending a second e-mail. I am also leaning towards the Sunfire receiver. Where are you ordering from?

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i bot both and took them home... hands down, the sunfire won.. with no questions...
the denon 5803 is almost twice the size of the sunfire ultimate receiver. the denon is a little more involving when setting up. i found the denon to sound a little more cleaner than the sunfire though. its really a matter of taste. they both sound nice. for 4 grand each, they both should sound good. i didnt like that i could plug any of my other components into the back of the sunfire.