Denon 5803 in 2-channel stereo

I'm not getting any response in the amp preamp section so I guess I'd try posting it here.

Any 5803 owners here who feel that this amp is as good as some top integrated amps or maybe separates?
While this response isn't directed to the 5803; I just thought I'd comment about "recs-in 2ch". I have an old Yamaha prologic rv-x 670.--- I just bought a used Integra 6.2. I also have "very hi-quality" separates.-- (HT using about 60 tubes)+ (Meridian) --Just to give some creditability to my point of reference.--- I started to use the old Yam. for 2ch only;its fm tuner and dss music stations. Just for casual listening while I'm on line or reading. Tubes wear and they heat and cost money. I'm using these old Infinity book-shelf speaks.Uppon first hooking this up a few mos. ago-- I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. You know, the purity and sweetness of the instruments, stops you .--- When the Integra came I just hooked it up the same way as the Yam.was hooked up. Surprised as hell---10years newer; with all this dig. input, vid. switching and the like; The Yam stompped it into the ground. The Int. is so dark un-musical. I had to turn the bass knob from "flat'12 to - 6. to keep the bass from overwhelming the presentation. i.e.The Integra has zero mid,treble air.--- My point; all the digital features indicate they lost track of the music.---- Just so you know--Yes,receivers differ. Hope you get some good input from an owner.
I initially auditioned my B&W CDM1nt's on a Denon 5802...probably not tooo much different than the 5803...At home I use a Bryston B60 integrated amp and in my opinion, it hands down is the better sounding of the two...even with only 60+ wpc...and this is a lower end integrated...the top integrated amps (Levinson/Rowland/YBA/etc) would probably be even much better than the Bryston even though I have not heard I would have to say that my opinion is that no...the 5803 wouldn't come close for 2 channel.

ust my 2c

Ellery, there is no such thing as a 5802, perhaps you meant a 3802? If so, the 3802 is approx. a $1K unit while the 5803 is approx. a $4K unit. There is a significant difference in sound quality. I have a 5800, the predecessor to the 5803, in my HT system. While it doesn't sound as good as the Rowland seperates in my main rig, it is highly listenable. You have to pick the right speakers, cables, etc., i.e. get the synergy right, and it performs at about the same level as mid-priced seperates.
It was the 4k unit (3999 actually...and no discount available)...must have been the 5803 or its predecessor as it was about 2 years ago...they also had the 3802 at the store but in a different the # mixed up...still think my Bryston sounds better though. but that's just my opinion.
Thanks for some or your inputs, and please no war here. Just opinions.

What I know is that the 5803 is a fairly good amp in 2-channel as well although its main purpose in in HT.

I personally owned the Classe CAP-100 integrated and when I listen to the 5803 I feel that it's comparable (or even better) than my Classe. Again, just my opinion. WHen you benchmark the 5803 with some equivalently priced hifi amps then only you'll notice the difference.

OK happy listening guys!