Denon 5803

Has anyone hooked up an additional amp to the Denon 5803? I have a 5803 and Vienna Acoustic Beethovens. Comments please.
I see no one else has responded perhaps I can help somewhat. I use a Denon 4800 AVR, 6.1 EX decoding, which is really missing a pair of amplified channels and is designed to be used with a seperate amp for the front channels. That is why I bought it- great decoding, good amplifier with option to use seerate front amp. For home theater purposes I use B&K Monoblock M200 amplifiers off the Denon pre out front channels. It is excellent for movies but is level matched to the other Denon amplified channels which are not as clean as the B&K. Note I don't use it for 2 channel music where I use the same B&K amp with an Audible Illusions preamp-switch it in and out. The Denon even on Direct doesn't come close to the transparency, depth, imagery, musicality and sweetness of the tubed AI preamp. The Denon, however, is great for multi-channel on movies--whether Laser Disc wide screen or DVD 5.1/DTS.
Yes, I have a Creek 5350SE hooked up to the Multi-Zone 1 pre-outs. Sounds really good. Only problem is that I haven't been able to get the MZ-1 to use the digital coax inputs (Receiver only uses the analog inputs for MZ-1). My guess is that the sound would be better with the digital coax inputs.
Yes, I have a 5803 hooked up with a Theta Dreadnaught amplifier. I use the Theta for the front three channels and the Denon for the rears. Eventually, I plane to add two more 200 watt modules to the Theta and bi-amp the front right and left channels. It is also very important to use a separate dedicated circuit for a separate amp which makes a huge difference. This system sounds tremendous and I find they match well. The best would be Theta's own processor but they are a great deal more money and this way I have enough power for all the speakers I wish to use and a good processor and interface in the Denon. I obtained a 5803 for a very reasonable price making my choice that much easier, and I can still go to separates using the Theta at a later time.