Denon 4810 DSX and PLII....good, bad, indifferent

I was tremendously excited to get this receiver and I know "if it sounds is", but I got downhearted after reading Mr Fleishmans remarks about the wide and height in his reviews of the 4310 and 4810.

I listen to music and HT in that order and the nod goes to HT. When listening to music, I sometimes turn the wide speakers up at least half again what Audyssey decrees because that's what I like. It seems to give a more complete soundstage. For HT I think the 9 channels do justice to any action film which are my favorites.

Another issue is I think you need lots of space to really appreciate the wide channels. I'd like at least 20'.

I use a complete Klipsch system RF7 RF82 RB81 RB35 RC64 and RT12D.
I find it depends on the source, while I generally prefer Audyssey DSX over PL IIz either does increase the size of the soudstage but for music can become confusing. I run my audio directly and only use the surround fields for some movies.
Since my original post I added a denon 4306 to build up to an 11.3 system with two klipsh rt12d and two inexpensive pioneer subs hooked together. I'm thinking another rt12d will replace them since I'm such a bass head. I have rf83, rf7, rf82, rc64, rb81, and rb35.

I have to tell you it sounds great to me. The rear speakers made it extra nice for me. I know klipsch are not an audiophile choice but I'm very happy.

I forgot to mention that since my first post I now have a dedicated space which is 24x17 so I have the space to enjoy my width and height channels
I could say something arrogant like I'll put it up against much more expensive systems but I think it's more accurate to say I'm very proud of it.
Now comes the task of proper insulation and finishing the basement.