Denon 4306...good?

Thinking of buyiing a used unit for good price..will I miss out on any significant new formats? It does have HDMI hook ups...
The 4306 will not internally process these lossless HD codecs: Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio. These audio codecs are available in the BluRay and HD-DVD formats.

The HDMI on the 4306 is version 1.1. Version 1.3 is needed for the HD audio codecs. version 1.2 didn't really impact audio.

You can use an HD-DVD or Bluray player which internally processes the HD audio and send out a PCM audio signal to the 4306 via HDMI. The default firmware supports 5.1 audio over HDMI. If you want 7.1 audio (e.g. from bluray) it is necessary to upgrade the firmware in the 4306.

So you won't miss out on the lossless HD audio if you have a player which internally processes it (panasonic BD35/55). Of course it supports(and processes) the common Dolby Digital and DTS audio used on DVDs, which are significant-so you won't miss those. BTW The 4306 provides old-school analog connections for 7.1-channel (for SACD, DVD-Audio or Bluray)

You probably already know that until recently 7.1 soundtracks on movies was not very common (e.g. The Dark Knight is 5.1). Slowly, BluRay films are starting to appear with 7.1 audio.

I have had an avr-4306 for about 2 years and it sounds great. I use a BD55 bluray via HDMI. No problems at all. If you can get one for a good deal go for it.

Thanks Ed for taking the time to respond,
Excuse my ignorance but are you saying that if I have a HD player or BlueRay player that processes the HD audio then I can use the HDMI cable , hook it up to the 4308 and get the HD 5.1 audio? Then I hook up another HDMI cable to the 4308 and plug it into the TV and get the HD picture? Is that called "pass through". Don't most HD/blueray players internally process the HD audio?
How do you like the sound of the Denon?
I have some learnin to do...

Your statements about HDMI connections for 5.1 and video are correct. I am not 100% sure about "passthrough" since the definition seems to be somewhat flexible. but the video is passed through since it is not upconverted. and the audio is not processed by the 4306, so I guess that would be passed through as well.

Yes, MANY Bluray players process internally but most BUDGET players do not. These budget players send 'bitstream' audio signal to the AVR to allow the AVR to process it.

I think you got the jist of things. I am no guru here myself....this is my first AVR and now HD system. I am more of an audio guy. The Denon is very nice and can provide great sound for HT. Now there are many AVRs with more elaborate version of the The Audyssey for room corrections. but this is more than adequate for me in my living room. I will drive 6 and 8 ohm rated speakers without a problem.

The 4306's onscreen user interface is very 1980's video game, but gets the job done. Personally, I use a lot of the manual settings for EQ and levels instead of audyssey auto setup. But I did run it initially.

Yep read up.... there is a great review (which can be used as a setup guide over at audioholics. com site. Just search "denon avr-4306" on the front page.

cheers, ed