Denon 3910..What next ?

My 3910 has served me very well. I am getting that upgrade bug and am wondering what to try next that would make spending 1000-1500 worth it.
I want to stay with a universal as I listen to DVD-A,SACD as well as DVD's fed to my CRT TV.I am not looking at HD yet .
I have a A.A. Prima for cd's .
I live in a very small community so auditioning is out of the question.
I would like to go the "used" route .
I have read good things about McCormack ,Lexicon .
Would very much like other suggestions.
Keeping to a stock unit--consider the Esoteric DV50s or send the 3910 out to be modded. The are several opinions on this forum on the best technitions for modding. I have a Denon 3910(for HDCD) and the Esoteric--both stock. Overall I'd take the Esoteric.
I've got a 2910 upgraded by David Schulte of the Upgrade Co. He carries Denon and Esoteric. I'd suggest giving him a call.
I'm all for a modded Denon, but I advise against paying retail for the mods.

There are plenty used modded Denons (and other universal players) that come up for sale on Audiogon.

Let the original owners take the massive depreciation hit.

Be smart and buy used.
Denon 3910 was my first universal player. I then went on to NAD, Bel Canto, and now I have Linn Unidisk. Thinking back, I think Denon has pretty good performance in SACD and DVD Audio. Also the video quality was top notch.

I haven't used either McCormack or Lexicon. But in order to get significant improvement in SACD and DVD Audio you'll have to spend more than $1500 IMHO. Anything less is likely to be a sideway move.
Since you want to get a universal why not consider the soon-to-be-released Oppo BD-83? I went from a 3910 to an Oppo DV-983 and was quite pleased with its picture and sound qualities. The BD-83 is supposed to match and surpass the 983 and also gives you an entre into the world of BluRay.

And all of this for $599 brand new, pretty hard to beat that deal...

I would say step into a 5910ci. I did trade my 3910 in on one about 2 yrs ago and it is much better machine in video and audio reproduction. I will be selling mine as soon as the DVD-A1UDci hits the market.
The upgrade co. 3930ci.

I had a 3910. the TUC3930ci was not a subtle upgrade.

midrange, bass, PRAT, sense of ease ... all drastically improved.
Don't know.
I have the 3910, with John Tucker's, Exemplar mod, involving the tubes, in the audio section. I am at a loss as to where to go, especially since the audio part of this unit, without question, set a standard which was heretofore unobtainable...out of reach...the HOLY GRAIL...where exactly does one go to improve on this kind of excellence?

I'm sure I don't know...