Denon 3910 vs Sony 999ES/9000ES

Has anyone compared these players........... I currently have a Sony 9000ES and am happy with it except for one major thing. It does'nt play recordable formats (ie. CD-R, DVD-R, etc.).

How deos the Denon and newer Sony stack up for video and audio performance? I don't need HDMI and surround audio is only mildly interesting to me. I have another dedicated 2 channel system but I still want the best sound (and video performance) I can get out of my HT rig without spending $$$$.

The rest of my HT set-up is: Classe' SSP-25 and CAV-150 amp. Sony XBR 40 Wega with Maggies all the way around.

Thanks for your input
Keep the 9000 and buy a good $600 cd player for your cd-r's. The 999 is a great audio/video player but about $1,000. Sony has not made anything with the same build quality since the 9000.
I recently purchased the Denon DVD-3910 after auditioning the Marantz DV-9500 and several comparable $1500-2000 models from Sony and other manufacturers.

Rave reviews always make me suspicious, so I want to be cautious with my wording. That said, I am extremely impressed with both the audio and video performance of the Denon 3910. It's performance on all digital audio formats comes very close to several machines I've heard that cost over $3000, and its SACD performance is very close to my analog front end. Additionally, its' video performance is so good that I suspect my video monitor isn't good enough to fully reveal the 3910's actual performance.

I paid $1050 (new) for my 3910 (including shipping), so the unit is also a real bargain.
Ive read that the dvp-s9000es will play CD-RW. I think the best sucess is with the Memorex brand. Check out the treads on

The Fujifilm Audio CD-RWs are much better than the Memorex, and I never have a problem with them playing on my Modwright 9000ES.