Denon 3910 vs Rega Apollo or other suggestions

I am looking to get better Red Book cd playback and am considering separating my video and audio players. I currently have a Denon 3910 running through a Musical Fidelity X10 Tube Buffer. I am strongly considering the Rega Apollo. Does anyone have an opinion on how much of an improvement this would be, or any other CD player suggestions in this price range?

My system:
Anthem AVM 20
Cary Cinema 5
Denon 3910
Musical Fidelity x10 v.3 / x-psu
MIT interconnects and Shotgun Speaker cable
B&W 703 speakers
I thing Apollo would fit your system nicely.
I have this CDP for a while now and it is hard to beat for the money.
Also heard nice things about top CDP (840c) from Cambridge Audio but have no personal experience except one or two brief encounters.

The Doge and MHZS players that are being imported from China by Pacific Valve are great players for the money. I have been running the Doge 6 CDP ($1,400) in my SET rig, and the sound quality is unbelievable at this price level. A friend has been running the MHZS CD88E ($800), and he is also very impressed.
I went the opposite way and replaced my Apollo with the 3910. Couldn't be happier.