Denon 3910 vs Oppo blu ray uni player

I have enjoyed my Denon 3910 for several years, and i am happy with the sound. Has anyone used this player against or compared to the Oppo Blu Ray universal player. I have a good deal of DVD-Audio and SACD. The Oppo seems to be an extremely good value, but i don't want to step down in sound quality or lose the ability to use my multi channel audio. If there is a unit that surpasses the Oppo and is not too much more, please let me know! Thank you!
3910 will be better on everything except blu ray which it does not do.

Not even close on 2 channel audio performance.

standard dvd would likely be a toss up, but the 3910 might be better.
I had a modded 3910 and recently bought an Oppo which I had to mod to bring the sound up to snuff. Since they were modded by two different modders I am not sure I can compare the two but I did like my modded 3910 better. However since all my CD music is ripped to a server (which is more convenient and probably better sounding than the 3910 thru my Almann DAC) I have retired the 3910 and use the Oppo for BluRay, SACD and DVD-A primarily. The Oppo's Video is far superior to the 3910.
I own the Denon 5900 and I owned the 3910 and I have the Oppo 83.
Picture wise the Oppo beats all the Denons even with using regular DVD's .
Sound wise, for movies the Oppo is better.
For CD,SACD,DVD-A etc. I would lean towards the Denon 5900.

But, I own a Cary 306 Pro and that is what I play CD's and SACD's on.
Thank you all, good information.