Denon 3910 vs. Levinson 36

Maybe I'm nuts but would you believe that a two year old Denon 3910 sounds almost as good as a Levinson 36 fed through the RCA digital out from the same Denon? The Denon might even have more detailed treble and the Levinson seems almost too laid back. Is the technology inside the 36 (built in 99 I think) that far out of date that the new Denon would be it's equal? It certainly isn't worth the money to keep the Levinson unless hooking it to a better transport would make a big improvement. Thoughts anyone?
If I'm not mistaken, you are comparing the 3910 with 3910+ML36 as transport/DAC.

But how does the ML36 compare to the 3910 at the analogy RCA output head to head?

I have a stock 3910, and I've been wondering if I should get a DAC as an upgrade.
The 3910 is no slouch, it is the equal (or better) of many megabuck units. I know I'll be keeping mine for quite some time to come...

Kschiu I'm not sure I follow your question, but you are facing the same issue I faced and IMHO the 3910 was a strong performer and when I added the Levinson the music was not better, just different. Someone said that if you feed the Levinson some quality signal from say a Levinson 37 or Meridian 500 you'll hear it sing...but I'm skeptical.
My mistake. I thought you were talking about the No.39, which is a standalone CD player.

For DACs, I've been considering the Benchmark DAC1/USB, some used TUBE DACs ... but I have to include the budget for the digital cable.

FYI, My biggest improvement over many years is actually a pre-amp upgrade. I got so MUCH more out of the 3910, so I think I'll wait for now.

I don't consider modding the 3910. Too much $